Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

Individual and Family Therapy

Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball that we just didn't expect.  Whatever the curve-ball is, either large or small, it is common to cause anxiety, even if it is something exciting.  If your curve-ball is something that isn't so exciting, maybe you feel traumatized.  This can happen for any situation that causes disruption to your daily routine, your thinking and ultimately your ability to function at your full potential.  Whatever your anxiety or trauma is about, we can help!  We are a team of therapists that work extensively with anxiety provoking issues.  These could be about relationships, life events, or any negative experience that is holding you back.  If you are struggling with moving past a traumatic incident, or finding it difficult to overcome anxiety of any sort, please contact us.  We will have one of our experienced therapists contact you as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Improv Process Group

This group is for individuals struggling with anxiety in social situations. It will be beneficial for those who want to challenge negative thinking patterns, decrease feelings of low self-esteem and want a safe place to laugh and have fun!

On Wednesdays, the group participates in an improv class-playing games, laughing, acting and engaging in social interactions.

On Thursdays, we will meet for a Process Group where team members can utilize the space to discuss any emotional experiences that came up during the Improv Class. The group discusses experiences felt by individual members as well as joint experiences from the collective whole.

This is a 4 week group for ages 18-25 and will be limited to 8 participants. 

When:  Wednesdays and Thursdays from July 12th - August 2rd

Wednesdays-7:30-8:30pm, Improv Class

Thursdays-7:30-8:30pm, Process Group

Location:  Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma  
2121 Fifth Avenue, Suite 214, Banker’s Hill, 92101

Cost:  Group cost is $275 for all 4 weeks. Refunds will not be provided for missed classes.

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Please contact Colleen Pellette at 619-272-6858 x710 or email her at