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Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

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Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball that we just didn't expect.  Whatever the curve-ball is, either large or small, it is common to cause anxiety, even if it is something exciting.  If your curve-ball is something that isn't so exciting, maybe you feel traumatized.  This can happen for any situation that causes disruption to your daily routine, your thinking and ultimately your ability to function at your full potential.  Whatever your anxiety or trauma is about, we can help!  We are a team of therapists that work extensively with anxiety provoking issues.  These could be about relationships, life events, or any negative experience that is holding you back.  If you are struggling with moving past a traumatic incident, or finding it difficult to overcome anxiety of any sort, please contact us.  We will have one of our experienced therapists contact you as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Rachel Stockton, LCSW

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"Asking for help takes courage - it shows that you are willing to be vulnerable, that you are willing to work to feel better and to trust another person with your private thoughts and insecurities.  As a therapist, I recognize and honor the strength that it takes just to show up."  
"I believe that the relationship between the therapist and the client is the foundation of therapy and is necessary for any profound and lasting change to occur. I seek to develop this relationship by listening, accepting you just as you are, and collaborating with you to determine the goals of therapy and the best methods for achieving those goals.  I consider my approach to be “eclectic,” meaning that I combine different types of therapy and techniques in a way that best meets the goals of the client.  Every person is different and therapy should be tailored to best meet individual needs."  

How can therapy help?  Life is full of challenges, most of which we can get through with relatively little turmoil.  The support of family and friends can be extremely beneficial in helping to “cushion” life’s blows and keep us on our feet.  But sometimes the support of loved ones is not enough.  Perhaps you are worried about being judged or opening yourself up to advice that just doesn’t feel right.  In therapy, it is all about you; it is a safe place where you can be completely honest without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings, getting advice that you don’t want, or other repercussions.  Therapy is a place where you can express yourself freely, gain insight and awareness, explore options, achieve clarity, and learn new skills.    

Areas of Expertise:

Relationships:  I am especially interested in helping people navigate the complexities of relationships.  Conflict is a natural part of life; yet, so many of us lack the confidence and the skills to face conflict in a way that is productive.  Together we can work to develop the insight, emotional awareness and communication skills that can make you a stronger advocate for yourself as well as a better partner, parent, or friend.  Whether you are trying to maintain a valued relationship or reeling from a breakup, therapy can help you process your thoughts and emotions, gain clarity, and improve coping skills.

Parenting:  As a parent myself I recognize that even in the best of circumstances being a parent can be very challenging.  If you are experiencing difficulties in your identity as a parent or are conflicted about your relationship with your children, this can impact all areas of your life.  My goal is to help parents cope with the ups and downs of parenting, manage challenging parenting situations, and develop confidence in their parenting approach.  I also enjoy helping new parents and parents-to-be prepare for and cope with the inevitable changes and challenges that come with this role as well as supporting parents through the “empty nest” transition.  

Adolescents:  In my work with children and adolescents I have been impressed with how forthright, resilient and engaging this age group can be when faced with some very difficult obstacles.  It is very rewarding to watch a young person develop a strong sense of identity and self-worth along with the coping skills and the practical tools to help navigate the journey to adulthood.  If your teenager is experiencing a difficult transition, trouble with peer or family relationships, depression, anxiety, identity concerns, or other issues and you are not sure how to help, the professional support of a therapist can be beneficial.  Depending on the age and developmental level of the child, therapy can include supportive listening, problem-solving, skill development, and family involvement as well as other modes of expression such as art, music, writing, and play.  

Women’s Issues:   I have a particular interest in the influence of culture and the media on gender identity, family roles, self-esteem and body image.  It is important to look at each woman as an individual but at the same time it is helpful in therapy to consider the way that society and culture influence choices, expectations, identity, opportunities and responses to life’s stressors.

Additional Areas of Focus  

  • Life transitions
  • Decision-making
  • Self-worth and acceptance 
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety and Depression

Background:  Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 13 years of experience and has worked with a diverse group of people addressing a variety of issues.  She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at UCSD and began working in a residential treatment facility for at-risk youth.  This work inspired her to pursue her Master’s in Social Work which she completed at SDSU in 1998.  

Since that time, Rachel has worked with women and men in individual therapy and has led groups for adults related to parenting and self-esteem.  She has worked in the foster-care system supporting both foster children and foster parents and has counseled children and teens in different settings.  She has also worked as a medical social worker in a children’s hospital and as a patient advocate in an acute-care setting, women’s hospital, and behavioral health center. 

Education and Licensure

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, LCS#27948
Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University
B.A. in Psychology from University of California San Diego
Certified in Conflict Mediation
Member of National Association of Social Workers