Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

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Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball that we just didn't expect.  Whatever the curve-ball is, either large or small, it is common to cause anxiety, even if it is something exciting.  If your curve-ball is something that isn't so exciting, maybe you feel traumatized.  This can happen for any situation that causes disruption to your daily routine, your thinking and ultimately your ability to function at your full potential.  Whatever your anxiety or trauma is about, we can help!  We are a team of therapists that work extensively with anxiety provoking issues.  These could be about relationships, life events, or any negative experience that is holding you back.  If you are struggling with moving past a traumatic incident, or finding it difficult to overcome anxiety of any sort, please contact us.  We will have one of our experienced therapists contact you as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Jeanne Serra, LMFT
760-884-4929 x706

Do you sometimes feel like you are disconnected from those around you and rather than living your life to the fullest, merely existing?  Have you experienced distressing events in your past that have left you feeling broken and unable to take hold of your life? Join me in a journey of self-discovery to gain insight and draw connections from your past in order to inform your future and live your best life.  

I believe that we all live in our own personal reality; our experiences and life events shape the way we see and experience the world.  My job as a therapist is to look at you as an individual and attempt to “enter your world” in order to see things from your perspective.  It is through this lens that I determine what direction to take as we move forward in our work together and pull from a myriad of theoretical orientations including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness, and psychodynamic approaches.  

My passion is assisting those who have experienced traumatizing events to move through this trauma by breaking down the barriers preventing them from taking hold of their lives in order to create a positive and healthy future. Trauma can often leave us feeling paralyzed, unable to cope with the present or look towards the future.  I believe that only by truly living in the present moment can we regain control of our lives and move forward.  Mindfulness is key to being able to connect with the here and now and experience all life has to offer.  Being intentional about the moments and reconnecting to the present allows us to fully live our lives instead of merely existing. 

I have been practicing Marriage and Family Therapy for the past 7 years, working with individuals, children, and families.  I have worked in a myriad of environments including criminal justice, residential, community, agency, and school settings.  This eclectic background has informed her work and allowed her to understand the particular needs prevalent in each of these various communities. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Criminal Justice Population
  • Domestic Violence
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-Esteem and Self Worth
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Women’s Issues

Education and Specialized Training:

MS in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and School Counseling PPSC from California State University, East Bay

BA in Psychology and German Language from University of Oregon

PPSC School Counseling

License and Membership:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#103344

Member in good standing with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, AAMFT

Member in good standing with the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, CAMFT