Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma

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Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball that we just didn't expect.  Whatever the curve-ball is, either large or small, it is common to cause anxiety, even if it is something exciting.  If your curve-ball is something that isn't so exciting, maybe you feel traumatized.  This can happen for any situation that causes disruption to your daily routine, your thinking and ultimately your ability to function at your full potential.  Whatever your anxiety or trauma is about, we can help!  We are a team of therapists that work extensively with anxiety provoking issues.  These could be about relationships, life events, or any negative experience that is holding you back.  If you are struggling with moving past a traumatic incident, or finding it difficult to overcome anxiety of any sort, please contact us.  We will have one of our experienced therapists contact you as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Colleen Pellette, ASW
619-272-6858 x710

“You are capable, competent, and have the power to create solutions to your own problems. I believe my role on this journey is to help you understand yourself better, provide support when times are hard, and help you understand relational patterns you get pulled into so you can stop focusing on areas you can’t control and refocus your energy on places you can. I would love to help you on this journey of self discovery and healing.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of different children, individuals, and families from all walks of life; helping people learn how to love themselves and let other people love them back.    Looking at an individual from the context of their environment and family can help with the healing process and take some of the blame and pressure off of people for actions out of their own control; refocusing energy onto areas in their locust of control.  I have over 100 hours of post-graduate training at the Center for Family Based Training and view treatment from an Eco-systemic Structural Family Therapy lens. I believe that individuals and families know themselves best; understanding and healing negative relational patterns can have great impacts on helping individuals form new and safe boundaries both in their family systems and other relationships.   

Areas of Expertise:

Behavioral Problems  
Relational struggles
Identity struggles
Joined Families   

Education and Affiliations

100+ Post Graduate Hours at the Center for Family Based Training
National Association of Social Workers
MSW at University of Pennsylvania
Registered Associate Social Worker ASW#68862
Supervised by Jennifer Costanza, MFC #49250